Best Commercial Roofing ProductsMetal tiles or panels

Metal tiles and panels are a modern and very durable material, which becomes more and more popular for residential and commercial buildings due to being an extremely versatile roofing solution with the extra advantage of a rather simplistic installation. Metal tiles and panels are much easier to install than ceramic or concrete tiles and make for easy commercial roof repair Dallas TX roofers say. In addition, renowned metal roof manufacturers provide full coverage systems for different roof types, including drainage systems, vents, or other accessories.

Another advantage of a metal roof is its reduced weight, the loading of the tiles or panels being less than 10kg/ square meter (compared to 30-40kg/ square meter in the case of ceramic tiles). Some metal roof manufacturers cover the surface of tiles and panels with a fine quartz coating, before applying the paint, the final aspect being more attractive without the typical glossy finish. Also, this coating offers better sound damping and impact resistance properties. Metal tiles and panels are well protected against corrosion, which contributes to their resistance and durability. Most manufacturers are willing to offer a very generous warranty. Moreover, the roof covered with metal tiles or panels instantly forms a ventilation layer, from the eaves to the ridge, which is very beneficial for the roof and for the space below.


Single-ply membranes

This category includes a diverse amalgam of membrane types that are usually referred to by acronyms indicating their composition, such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer). Each of these membranes has a different degree of chemical resistance, but all of them are very popular for flat commercial buildings and perform well in the climate specific to Texas. Single-layer membranes come in any color and can provide enhanced reflection properties.

Factors to consider:

  • There are different types of membranes and they include different substances that provide them with various physical properties
  • They are flexible and UV resistant
  • They are compatible with flat roofs


Modified bitumen


These roofing materials combine bitumen, polymer modifiers and a reinforcement layers. They may be also available with surface granules or laminated sheets, to provide additional protection.

Factors to consider:

  • They are installed in multiple layers, including base sheets, modified bitumen membranes and various textures on the surface
  • The material is durable and flexible
  • Some types of bitumen require torch welding, which may pose a fire risk
  • They may also come in reflective colors


Photovoltaic panels installed on flat commercial roofs

Flat commercial roofs provide a lot of space that can be used freely; the installation of photovoltaic panels is something that more and more building owners choose to install on their roofs. Solar energy is a great asset, being free, unlimited and quite easy to capture in sunny Texas, and transformed into electricity.

If photovoltaic roofing products used to be a part of SF scenarios, today they are an accessible reality, increasingly present due to its advantages in the creation of a green world. Photovoltaic panels do not pollute and have no harmful effects on the atmosphere.