Why Choose Replacement Windows

It is considered that wood is no longer much of a fashionable material for window frames. If doors are still mostly made of wood, modern windows are made of PVC, aluminum and, more recently, fiber glass. In this article we are going to compare fiber and PVC windows to understand their pros and cons.

Fiber windows – the latest trend

The first advantage of fiber glass window carpentry is that currently it is more fashionable than PVC frames. PVC windows are very popular, thus very common; most of the houses of the people we know, as well as most of the houses we see every day on our way to work have PVC windows. PVC is a material with great qualities but if you want to stand out, fiber glass is a definitely more inspired choice. But is it as insulating as PVC? Do fiber glass windows prevent street noise as well as PVC windows? Are they energy-efficient? And how about their maintenance?

Read on and learn more about fiber glass windows.

  • Energy efficiency

With regard to insulation and heat-cold transfer, both PVC and fiber glass windows are excellent options. The majority of fiberglass windows are even designed with multiple layers of glass, and this can provide an even higher level of insulation. With fiber glass windows, it is easy to prevent air transfer, so you will get better indoor thermal comfort. There is another feature commonly found in fiberglass windows: tints. In some cases, they are applied along with acrylic films, having the purpose to keep away solar heat and reduce once more the need for air conditioning, during cooling days.

  • Eco-Friendliness

Fiberglass windows get the nod when it comes to this criterion, mostly because the glassware used in the frame production process consists of 60 percent recycled glass. PVC windows are made of materials that are more difficult to recycle when their lifespan is over.

  • Maintenance

As far as maintenance is concerned, glass fiber is very easy to clean, just like PVC, having an extraordinary ability to keep dirt away, preventing its accumulation and unsightly appearance. If you opt for fiberglass windows, all you will have to worry about is cleaning them once in a while – an operation that can be performed with great ease, due to the particularities of this material.  Find out how to Lincoln replacement windows can benefit your home and pocket book.

  • Resistance

Fiber windows have a really rewarding advantage in front of their PVC counterparts. Fiberglass is very resistant, contrary to the fact that its name contains the word “glass”, which might give us the thought of fragility. Glass fiber is not actual glass, it is a reinforced plastic made of highly resistant and robust glass polymers, even more flexible than cardboard fiber. Additionally, besides being very resistant, it is also fire proof, unlike PVC, which is flammable.

Fiberglass windows are estimated to have a 38 percent longer lifespan than vinyl,

  • Price

Fiber windows are more expensive than PVC windows, but both are cheaper than wood. Vinyl is roughly 10 to 30 percent cheaper to buy and install, but with fiber windows there are significant savings in the long run.