Broomfield roofers

Broomfield homeowners have a very wide choice when it comes to the right type of roofing material for their building. The wide selection of available materials might make it hard for local homeowners to pick their roofing system, that’s why putting together a list of criteria that the materials must meet is very important. Here are some of the most important considerations.

The Climate

Located midway between downtown Denver and Boulder, Broomfield is a city surrounded by beautiful mountains that set the tone for the life there. However, the proximity of the peaks makes the weather in Broomfield capricious and often harsh, the climate being among the most important considerations when it comes to choosing roofing materials.

The materials that work best for Broomfield roofs need to be able to withstand storms, windy weather, harsh sunshine, rain, snow, high and low temperatures. Some of the best examples of materials that meet all these requirements are metal, clay and cement tiles and high-end shingle varieties, such as impact-resistant systems.


Another important aspect to consider when choosing your roofing material is the expected lifespan of the system. Metal roofs, for example, can provide reliable protection for up to 50 years, clay and cement roofs come with warranties of over half a century, but they can stay on the building for up to a century, while conventional asphalt shingles are warranted for up to 30 years, depending on the type and quality level.

Maintenance Needs

Whatever roofing system you choose for your Broomfield home, the roof and the drainage system should be inspected and cleaned twice a year, once in spring, to remove whatever debris is left behind by winter, and again in fall, to prepare the roof for the winter to come. Some materials, such as metal, can be further strengthened applying protective coatings that need to be refreshed every couple of years.

Aesthetic Appeal

The roof plays not only an essential protective role on your building – it is an essential design component as well. The best and easiest way to choose the style and the color of your roofing material is to use an online home exterior design application to play with different styles – some apps are free to use, while others can be accessed for a small fee. It is also recommended that you discuss possible roofing systems with Broomfield roofers. They will give you great advice based on their knowledge and experience.

Most roofing materials come in a variety of styles and hues. Metal and shingles, for example, are available in classic colors, including shades of terracotta, red and brown, as well as in modern, bold colors, such as blue, green, black and white. Many material options are available in different finish variations – metal roofing materials, clay and cement come in matte and glossy versions, while shingles are available in styles that imitate natural materials, such as wood or slate.


Roofing materials vary in terms of pricing as well. Asphalt shingles are the most affordable solutions, followed in the line by metal and with clay and cement tiles occupying the top of the price range. Each type of material comes in multiple price categories and quality levels.