In the construction industry, specialists recommend working with teams of professionals when you have a roofing project, whether you want to do simple maintenance work or a complex roof replacement project.

The first step you need to take when you want to start a commercial roofing project is to look for a Dallas commercial roofing contractor specialized in commercial roofing. Do not hire the first contractor you can find, because it can cost you more than you are willing to imagine. The roofing company you hire must be insured, licensed and have several years of experience with commercial roofing projects. The best way to find out as much as possible about the company you plan to hire is to look for as much information as possible. You can find it online, or through different recommendations from other people. Once you have verified the references, you must request an estimated cost for the services provided. Keep in mind that choosing the cheapest offer may reflect in the quality of the services you get, so make sure to choose responsibly, by putting price and quality in balance.

Here are other ideas of what you should ask a commercial roofing company before hiring it.

The experience

Does the roofing company have the necessary experience to fulfill the objective of your project?

In any roofing project, it is important to align the roofer’s competencies with the work that needs to be completed. Ask the company about its unique abilities and whether it has done similar work. It is also necessary to ask for recommendations.

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Does the roofing company have adequate resources at its disposal?

Especially when it comes to a larger roofing project, you should ask yourself, if this company has qualified staff for both project management and administrative aspects? If is is also involved in obtaining permits, is it familiar with local building codes?

Are there enough trained employees to carry out the works professionally? It is crucial that the Dallas commercial roofing contractor has reliable, trained and qualified employees, able to work efficiently in a team and show  unique capabilities, such as installing certain types of roofs (commercial, solar, green) and providing other related services.


Does the roofing company communicate effectively with its customers and employees?

You cannot underestimate the value of effective communication, because this is the detail that makes the roofing project run smoothly and on time.

It is important to choose a roofer who is very good at helping its clients crystallize their ideas, put them on paper and then communicate effectively what needs to be done with all parties involved to achieve the result effectively.

Added value

Can the roofing company add more value in project planning?

When working with architects and teams, a good Dallas commercial roofing contractor must be able to offer a different perspective on the roofing project. This perspective allows the roofing company to make specific recommendations regarding how to build something different and much more efficient and will thus help you save money.