If you are in the process of finding and hiring a contractor for the repair of your old commercial roof or for the installation of the brand-new cover on your commercial building, asking the flat roof repair Aurora contractor the right questions before you enter a contract is essential for success – those questions are your tools to find out whether the contractor is suitable for your project in terms of experience, professional knowledge and reliability. Here are some topics that you should cover during the initial interview with each roofer you consider suitable for your project based on your preliminary research.

Licensing an Insurance

All roofing contractors, including flat roof repair Aurora specialists need a license to be able to work legally and they also need to carry a commercial liability insurance policy to make sure that any damage potentially caused in your property during the roofing project will be covered for. When you meet a contractor for that first meeting of special importance, ask to be provided proof of license and insurance and continue with any discussion or negotiation only if those two documents are shown to you.

Previous Experience – Portfolios and References

Roofing is a vast and complex profession, therefore most roofers choose to specialize in one or several areas of the trade. Ideally, your roofer should be a specialist of the type of roofing that you need and the contractor also needs to be able to prove that expertise through references, testimonials provided by previous clients and images of their previous work, so ask to be provided those pieces of evidence, too.

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The Roofing Process

Whether you need extensive roof repair, a new roof or re-roofing, it is essential that you know exactly what the process will involve. Ask your flat roof repair Aurora expert to walk you through the process of repairing a flat roof – it is essential that you know exactly what the process will involve. Ask your roofer to walk you through the entire process, to tell you exactly how your old roof will be handled, whether it is going to be removed or the new roof will be built on top of it, ask to be told how the new materials will be installed, how long the entire process is likely to take and how the waste generated during the process will be handled. Whatever questions you have about procedures, bring them up.


Knowing who will work on your roof is also essential, so ask the roofer to tell you whether subcontractor teams will be used and also to tell you about those subcontractors.


You might have some ideas about the materials that you want to have on your roof, about the solutions you want to see, but you need an experienced professional’s opinions to be able to have the best, most durable, most attractive and most reliable roof possible. Share your ideas with the roofer you are interviewing and ask for the contractor’s professional opinion – the roofer’s willingness to share those professional opinions before having entered a contract will reveal a lot about the roofer’s personality and will be of great help for you.